Protect your pets with chain link style backyard fences

Chain Backyard Fence

If you are looking for fences that will keep your dog within the confines of your home, and which will not block the outside view, then chain link style backyard fences are what you need. Unlike other type of fences, these fences are not isolating, and let in considerable sunlight into your backyard garden so that the plants can also grow well. In addition, these fences will also prevent your pets from wandering off into the outdoors, and your will not be in danger of losing them. Make use of these durable backyard fences to protect your pets, while also letting them enjoy the outdoors.

Building a chain link fence

Different types of chain link style backyard fences follow the same basic structure. They consist of metal wires which are woven together to form diamond shaped patterns. These nets of metal are then attached to a frame which is made of either wood or metal. Different metals can be used for the wires in the fences. The most commonly used metal is galvanized steel, which is coated with zinc to protect the wires against corrosion. Aluminum wires can be used as well. Aluminum is light and durable, and it is also naturally resistant to rust because there is a natural layer around it that serves as a sealant. Another option for the wiring is the PVC coated steel wires. These wires are rust resistant, and they are very easy to maintain. These wires are available in a variety of colors which include shades of brown, white, grey and black. Choose the color which suits well with the surroundings to make these fences look great.

Chain link fence post installation

Depending on the strength of the fence you need, you can make use of fences that use wires of more thickness. Different chain link style backyard fences make use of wires of different gauges which runs from twelve to six. Lower the gauge, greater the thickness of the wire. For sturdier and more durable fences make use of fences that use wires with gauge less than nine. The durability of these fences is also determined by the strength of the frame you use to make these fences. Make use of heavy duty frame so that the fence does not distort under the force of wind, and remain intact when children try to climb the fences.

Decor your chain link style backyard fences

Chain link style backyard fences are available in a range of sizes. If you are trying to confine smaller pets like rabbits or puppies, then you can use shorter fences that are around four feet tall. However, if you own larger dogs then uses fences that are longer than six feet. If you fear that a chain link fence might ruin the appearance of your backyard, then you can take several measures so that the fences can blend in with the surrounding. You can grow climbing wines or plants on the fences, which will make them an exotic look. You can also hang flower pots to these fences in beautiful patterns to add glamour to these fences.

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