Protect your farm with cyclone backyard fences

Cyclone Fence

You have grown a small farm in your backyard with a lot of effort and care, but you want to prevent the neighbor’s kids or pets from stepping on the farm or ruining it, then cyclone backyard fences are an essential for you. These fences not only provide your farms with adequate protection from intruders, but unlike other fences they let the sunlight in, which nourishes your crops and help them grow well and healthy. Also, these fences are a great option because they are affordable, easy to install and durable. If you need fences for security, but don’t want the fences to block the beautiful view outside then these fences will serve you perfectly.

Why cyclone backyard fences are necessary?

If you live in an area where strong hurricane winds often blow, which often knock down your wooden or vinyl fencing, then you must make use of cyclone backyard fences. The fence has diamond shaped holes bounded by thin wire. This offers openness for the wind to flow through, therefore heavy wind does not damage these fences. These fences will not only withstand the gusts of wind, but also provide your farms protection against intruders and animals.

Types of cyclone backyard fences

There are two types of cyclone backyard fences; the galvanized steel fences and steel coated in PVC vinyl. Steel fences are the more affordable type and they offer adequate security. However, these fences rust faster and they aren’t very good looking. You should use these fences when their aesthetic appearance is not a concern. Vinyl coated fences are a little bit more expensive; however their life is a little longer than plain steel fences. These fences come in range of colors, which include red, white, green brown or even black. If you want your backyard to look visually pleasing as well then you should make use of vinyl coated fencing.

Structure of cyclone backyard fences

The basic structure of cyclone backyard fences includes galvanized or coated steel wires which are available in various thicknesses; 12 to 6 gauge, 6 being the thickest. If you want a sturdier fence then get fences with lower gauge value. These wires are intertwined together to form a diamond shaped pattern like a net. These woven wires are then attached to steel poles which are set into the ground to provide complete support to the fences. This net like structure of these fences does not interfere with the outside view, and it is not isolating at all.

Decor your cyclone backyard fences

These fences do not require any special maintenance and compared to other types of fences they have much longer lives. The expected life span of well maintained vinyl coated steel fences is twenty years, whereas wooden fences serve their purpose for between seven to twenty years. The cyclone backyard fences can also be decorated in a variety of ways to enhance the appearance of your backyard. You can grow climbing vines or climbing plants with lush green leaves and fragrant and colorful flower, which gives these fences can exotic look. You can also weave plastic stripping into the fence links for more colorful fences.

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