Ornamental aluminum backyard fences are more durable and have long lasting appearance

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is a very versatile metal used for many building purposes. It is so widely used because it is resistant to rust as it is naturally coated with an impenetrable layer which acts like a seal against rust. Also, it is light weight, malleable i.e. it can be shaped easily, and it is very durable. As a result of these exceptional qualities ornamental aluminum backyard fences have several advantages over the traditional wooden fences. Aluminum is one of the best metals to use for fencing purposes.

Get ornamental aluminum backyard fences for your home decor

Ornamental aluminum backyard fences are less expensive alternative to the wrought iron fences, while also being rust proof. These aluminum fences not only enhance the appearance of your backyard with their intricate designs, but they are also very useful for security purposes. The aluminum fences used for protection and safety are usually longer than six feet. You can get aluminum fences at your nearest home improvement stores, and there are variety of styles to choose from. Installation of these fences is not a hard task and you can do it yourself.

Louisville design style of ornamental aluminum backyard fences

The most commonly used style of ornamental aluminum backyard fences is the Louisville design. The structure of this design makes use of three horizontal rails and many thin vertical pickets. One of the rails connects the picket at the bottom, and the other two are used near the top. The pickets extend beyond the top most rails and are often capped with pointed tops for better security. The pickets have the same height. Madison style aluminum fences have a similar design to Louisville fences, except the picket alternate between two different heights. This adds exciting variation to these fences. Another variation to the Louisville fences are the Rockingham fences, in which one of the three rails cap the pickets.

Installation of ornamental aluminum backyard fences

Ornamental aluminum backyard fences are not difficult to install. After you have laid out the fence line, dig holes into the ground to fix the aluminum posts. The distance between the posts should be such that the aluminum panels can fit in between the post. Make use of quick-setting concrete to fill the holes around the posts and make sure that the posts are rigidly fixed into the ground. After this you can attach the aluminum fence panels between the posts and you aluminum fence is complete.

Give an ornate look to your backyard

If you are looking for fences for aesthetic purposes the ornamental aluminum backyard fences are a great option. These fences are very stylish, and you can even custom design these fences to make the appearance of your backyard unique and special. In addition, since aluminum is resistant to rust, and is not affected by water, it does not rot or change much in appearance. Since aluminum is resistant to dampness, they are suitable for use around pools.  They do not require any maintenance to keep them looking great for years. Being very tough, aluminum can withstand high pressures without breaking, so these fences don’t require much repairing. Give your backyard an ornate and elegant look that is long lasting with aluminum fences.

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