How to decorate your backyard fences?

Backyard Fence

The high wooden or stone wall that bounds your home doesn’t only serve the purpose of protecting your family and property, or keeps the kids and dogs inside your home, but these backyard fences can also make your home look fabulous and stylish. Use this wall to showcase your artistic skills and creativity, and tremendously transform the outward look of your home, and make it as stylish as the indoors. There are many ways to decorate these fences, and with a little investment of time and care you can make your backyard look impressive.

Traditional ways to decorate your backyard fences

The traditional way to beautify your backyard fences is to add some garden art to it. Do not randomly clutter up your fence with any pretty flower pots you find, but first plan where and what kind of garden art you want to showcase. You can simply hang terra cotta pots to the fences with beautiful chains or ropes and grow additional plants and colorful flowers within them. Another option is add shelves to the fence and place flower pots on them. You can even add small planter boxes to the fence so that they are very artistically arranged, and grow plants in them. This will not only enhance the beauty of your backyard garden, but will also make your fence look amazing. Make sure the plants and flowers you grow are well maintained so that they look great all year round.

Modern ways to  decorate your backyard fences

A more modern and innovative way to adorn your backyard fences is to paint elaborate murals on them to add glamour to them. First decide the theme your fence should showcase. It could be anything from the sun, beautiful flowers, animals, and even classic automobiles. Choose anything that you have a flair for, suits your home’s outdoor and adds more individual taste to your home. To get more ideas on what to paint you should visit shops that specialize in wall art, or you can get inspiration from images on the internet, or even any image that struck you while passing by.  Make a rough sketch of the mural you want to paint on your fences and then draw a blown up image on the fence. Make use of outdoor paint to fill the mural. Liven up your backyard with this intricate painting changing the outlook of your home.

Increase attractiveness of your backyard fences

You can increase the attractiveness of your backyard fences by making use of decorative pieces to attach to the fences that also complement the mural. You can use wall fountains to add more elegance and grace to the fences, or you can make use of colorful terra cotta plaques. You can simply drive nails into the fence and hang these decorative pieces of art, or you could get special decorative hanging pieces. You can even showcase some beautiful ceramics. When it comes to creatively beautifying your backyard fences there are limitless options available, and when you are tired with one look for your fence you can simply repaint your fences with another exciting look.

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