How to build wooden backyard fences?

Wood Backyard Fence

There are many reasons one would want to align their backyard with fences: they can increase the privacy and security of their home, or keep their children or pets within home. One could even build these fences to improve the outward aesthetics of his home. Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for fences because it’s easily available, it looks great, and it is easy to maintain. Once you have gained an understanding of the materials you require and the steps you need to take to build wooden backyard fences, building these appealing and robust fences is not a difficult task. It can be completed by anyone with only a little experience in building.

Choosing wood for wooden backyard fences

You can get ready made wooden fence panels, or you can also start from a scratch, which will allow you to be more creative and enable you to use higher quality materials. A number of different species are used to build wooden backyard fences. These include pine, spruce, cypress, red cedar, white cedar, redwood, and fir. When selecting the wood for fence building one should use heartwood rather than sapwood, as heartwood has longer life since it takes longer to decay.

Remember when building wooden backyard fences!

The first s thing you ought to do when building wooden backyard fences is to make sure where the fence will be placed by laying out a line along the bounds of your backyard. Make sure the line doesn’t intrude on your neighbor’s property. After this you need to decide the height of the fences you need. If you will be using the fences for protection and security, then six feet is a good height. Now it is time to start building your fences.

Steps to build your own fence

Firstly, you need to lay out a post line, as a foundation for fence. As guidance when setting up the line, you should first set up the end and corner posts. You will need to dig holes into the ground; the holes should be deep enough to support the wooden post. Thirty inches is a good depth. Push the post into the hole, and fill the hole around the post with cement to ensure that the post stands firmly into the ground. Take a thin rope and pull a line from one post to the other at an equal height above the ground. This will help you align the fence posts accurately, and enable you to build professional style fences. Make the holes for the other post which should be an equal distance apart from each other and the end posts. Push in a post into these holes, and fill the holes with cement as you go.

Final touching of your backyard fences

Now you can nail horizontal rails on to the posts. Two to three rails would be good enough, make sure that they are well distanced on the posts. Now that you have posts and rail structure firmly built, you can attach vertical boards to the rails, which need not be very thick. For more privacy the distance between the boards should be narrow. Now paint it with waterproofing sealer, to ensure their durability. Your wooden backyard fences are now complete. You can bring many interesting variations to these fences to make them look even more appealing.

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