How to build pipe and ranch style fences for residential backyards?

Pipe Fence

If you want to define the boundaries of your residential backyard, but you don’t want to use too much funds on setting up fences, then pipe and ranch style fences are a cheap and feasible alternative for you. These fences are useful to give your home a country side or rustic look, and these fences can be easily and quickly assembled. In addition, theses fences don’t require much maintenance and repair work.

Pipe and ranch fences

You can put up either wooden or steel pipe and ranch style fences around your residential backyards. Wood gives them a traditional and natural look, but the steel fences are stronger and durable. The steel fences are rot and insect resistant, however they can rust over time. So, the steel pipe fences must be repainted to prevent corrosion. These fences have the same basic structure; they consist of vertical post separated by equal intervals, and these posts are connected by two to three horizontal rails. These fences offer little privacy or protection, but they can be used to confine larger pets within your backyard. These fences placed around backyard pools or ponds can protect your children from falling into the pool.

Building pipe and ranch fences

It is not a difficult task to build pipe and ranch fences around your residential backyards and it can be done by anyone with only a little building experience. The first thing you need to do is to set up a fence line around your backyard using string or spray paint. Make sure that the fence line doesn’t include your neighbor’s property. If you are using steel for pipe fences then you need to get pipes for the fence posts and rails. Use 4-inch pipes for the post and thinner 2-inch pipes for the rails. If you are using woods, then you should select the species of wood you want to use for your fences. Make sure you use heartwood for durable and longer lasting fences.

Setting up posts of your pipe and ranch fences

After going through these basic steps, you should measure the fence line using a measuring tape. Draw a rough sketch of the fence and consider the number of posts you want. Then divide the total length of the fences with the number of posts you will be using to get an idea of the length of rails you would need. Get the posts and rails you need. Now you are ready to build your pipe and ranch fences. Begin with setting up the corner posts. Use a post hole digger to dig a 2 feet deep hole in the ground. Push in the post into the hole, and fill the gap in the hole with dirt. In case of steel fences, it is preferable to use concrete to fill the holes.

Building wooden ranch fences

If you are building wooden ranch fences then place then insert the rails into the slots in the posts, starting with the bottom rails. For steel fences, weld the rails onto the post, and make sure the rail is welded well along the complete circumference of the rails.  With this easy process you have built pipe and ranch fences for your residential backyard.

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