Enhance your home beauty with brick and stone backyard fences

Brick Fence

If you are looking for fences that can not only provide you adequate privacy, but that also match exactly with your home outlook, then brick and stone backyard fences are one of the best option to consider. The brick fences will give your backyard a classical and rustic appearance, and the type of brick you use can be matched well with your home building material so that these fences appear to be a part of your home. Stone fences will give your backyard a natural and exotic look, and adding greenery around these fences and attaching water fountains to them will enhance their magnificence. The only downside to these fences is that they are much more expensive to build than other types of fences. However, in many cases investing in them is worthwhile.

How to choose color and shapes of bricks and stones?

Bricks and stones are widely used construction material, which can make very tough fences that are visually appealing as well. Brick and stone come in many shapes and colors. Brick is usually used as blocks, while stone can be used in natural rounded forms for more attractive fences. If natural stones are not available or are too expensive then you can make use of faux stone panels, which will help you save money. Choose the color and styles of brick and stone that match the overall outlook of your home.

Advantages of brick and stone backyard fences

Apart from making your backyard attractive and defined, brick and stone backyard fences can also provide a number of other invaluable functions. They act as privacy screen and are virtually impenetrable. There are no gaps in these fences which helps isolate you backyard from the surroundings. Now you can relax in the retreat within your backyard. Brick and stone fences will also help protect your children and small pets from running off into the outdoors, and they can fully enjoy your living space within the backyard. Brick and stone backyard fences provide much more sound proofing than the thinner bamboo or wooden fences. These fences are much sturdier and long-lasting, and they require little or no maintenance.

Building brick and stone fence

The brick and stone fence have a strong foundation in the ground which is made of concrete or mortar. This foundation lies directly on the ground and firmly secures the fences on it. The stone fences usually consist of round stones of a range of shape, sizes and colors. The stone are stacked over each other with concrete in between to make a firm stone wall. Brick fences are also built in a similar manner, and the bricks are laid in exciting pattern which adds to their splendor. One can also decorate his brick and stone backyard fences using wall art and water fountains. Terra cotta flower pots complement brick fences really well, and you can hang these pots on your brick fence for beautiful fences. Maintain the flower and plants within the pots, so that they look great all year round. On brick fences you can even build miniature water falls for a more natural looking and striking backyard.

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