Different styles for your bamboo plants backyard fences

Sealed Bamboo Fence

Bamboo plants are exceptionally versatile and they have been in use since the ancient times in China for a wide variety of building purposes. They are one of the fastest growing plants on the earth that grow into tall, woody poles. Since they grow very quickly they are very easily available and they are considered to be a renewable resource.  Bamboo is inexpensive, strong, durable and attractive; therefore it is a great material for building backyard fences. You can make your home safe and secure, protect your privacy, and add beauty and splendor to your backyard with bamboo plants backyard fences.

Grow your own bamboo fence

You can use bamboo plants in a variety of different ways to add style to your backyard fencing. To give your backyard a natural and tropical look, you can grow a bamboo fence yourself to add a natural screen to your backyard. You should make use of clumping bamboo, which grows together to form a thick hedge, when growing bamboo plants backyard fences. Several species of clumping bamboos are available; choose the one which grow well in your climate conditions. Plant the bamboo plants at equal intervals of distance depending on their rate of horizontal growth. Make use of bamboo growth barriers to prevent the bamboo plants from spreading too much.

How to use dried bamboo plants

Dried bamboo can also be used to build bamboo plants backyard fences. The most commonly used bamboo fences consists of bamboo canes that are tightly attached to each other with a strong wire, usually made of stainless steel. The wire is woven into the fence structure, adding toughness to the fence. Also, the fence is extremely durable as the cane is not split. Bamboo stick fence is also a widely used fencing option. These fences make use of bamboo plants, to give them the appearance of traditional wooden fences. One must waterproof these fences so that they can fulfill your fencing needs for years.

Make country side garden with bamboo

Bamboo twig fences are another great type to consider for your bamboo plants backyard fences. They can make your backyard look like a tropical island or a country side garden. They are built using bamboo branch twigs woven together using wires. This bamboo screen is more translucent and doesn’t block much light letting you bathe under the sun on bright sunny days. However, if you need fencing for privacy then these fences are not a good option. For impenetrable privacy and tougher fences, you should consider bamboo panels fences. These fences are made using bamboo slats or poles that are attached to a support to form a panel. The bamboo poles are attached tightly so that they don’t have gaps between them, making these fences great for your privacy needs.

Classical bamboo fences

There are also many classical style bamboo fences available that add to the aesthetics of your backyard. The Kenninji fence is a panel style fences that makes use of planks of green bamboo built on a solid lattice. The Ryoanji fence consists of horizontal bamboo rails which are joined with inter-woven bamboo slats, which makes it very appealing to the eye. To align your backyard with fences for protection and decoration, bamboo plants backyard fences are an invaluable option.

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